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Study Offers

At a glance: from start to finish

Your path to pastoral Leadership

Study Tracks

Currently, THS. Academy offers two academic tracks for students.

The first is a rigorous three-year Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Leadership (B.T.) degree, with topics ranging from systematic theology and biblical exegesis from our theological courses, to character development and multiplication from our practical and apprenticeship courses. Through this track, you’ll be transformed from a disciple of Jesus into an effective leader and kingdom builder. You’ll be challenged in your calling, as well as taught proven methods for ministry development and growth.

The second track is our THS. Certificate Program. We understand that depending on your place in life, not everyone is able to commit to a full-time program, but many would still like to receive certified academic training. This is why we have developed our THS. Certificate Program, which allows students to receive the same instruction and access to course content as Bachelor’s Program students, but with fewer requirements and greater flexibility.


Bachelor’s Degree Track!

Best for: Those who are looking to grow in their ministry capacity and seeking further academic opportunities beyond THS. Academy. 

  • 3-year/9-trimester year-round program
  • 36 Theology/Practical Courses
  • 9 guided Apprenticeship courses 
  • Culminating Academic Project
  • Bachelor’s Degree granted

Certificate Program Track

Best for: Students that are currently in full-time ministry and unable to complete all the requirements of the Bachelor’s Program. (Only available for students who are not on Scholarship.)

  • 3-Year/9-Trimester year-round program
  • 36 Theology/Practical Courses P/F basis
  • Mentorship with Evaluations
  • No Culminating Academic Project
  • Certificate granted
  • “During my three-year Bachelor’s Program at THS, I have witnessed two significant transformations in my personal life and ministry as a result of merging study and practice. Furthermore, my studies at THS Academy have encouraged me to serve humbly, since you cannot know Jesus’ love and not be humble. Knowing God better has allowed me to share Him more simply with others. It has been a blessing to learn from professors and pastors with many years of experience in serving the kingdom of God over these years.”
    Bledi Mema
    Bachelor’s Degree: Impact in Albania
  • "I truly am thankful and blessed that God has directed my journey to include spending time with THS. The wholeness coming from an education based on solid biblical theology, doctrine, and understanding has equipped me to press on with confidence to preach, teach, and shepherd. I am able to share the whole truth of God’s Word and His Gospel with any whom God may place in my path. For any who feel the call of God in their life to plant a church or begin serving others in a house of worship - there is no better place! THS is an excellent academy to have all the tools needed to launch out into any arena of ministry of God’s calling in your life. Thank you, THS, for the Love, Grace, and Mercy you show each and every student who chooses to join this amazing school."
    Bob Putnam
    Certificate Program: Mosaic Fellowship Spokane