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Global Impact

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Christ-Centered Mission

When Jesus commissioned the apostles, He told them that they were to make disciples of all nations. As a school, we seek to fulfill that calling by building relationships with many churches and believers worldwide. Currently, our students reside in Kenya, South Sudan, Germany, Pakistan, Georgia, Albania, Paraguay, and the United States. Our mission is to continue expanding that global network, with plans to admit students from many more countries.

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Resource Sharing

Throughout the epistles, Paul is continually exhorting the churches to bear each other's burdens and care for one another. At THS., we’ve embraced a virtual learning model that minimizes overhead and maintenance costs of sustaining a physical campus. Additionally, Placement Churches split tuition costs with their student apprentice. This model allows us to offer tuition at a significantly more affordable cost to our students - without sacrificing academic excellence.

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Global Network, Local Impact

Our educational design removes economic and geographical barriers for students all around the world and allows them to access university-level education right where they are. As students receive academic classroom training, their local apprenticeship with a seasoned supervisor permits them to also have an impact and grow roots in their own community.

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Impact in Kenya

Pastor Charles has been a THS. student since April 2020. He joined THS. in the hopes of improving his leadership and church planting skills while shepherding a church on the outskirts of Nairobi County in Kenya.

In his Evangelism & Marketing course, Pastor Charles learned the importance of focusing his ministry on a target audience and developing a budget. Even amidst financial challenges, in faith, he set aside a portion of church funds toward an outreach ministry event, which provided food for those in need in his local community.

Additionally, Pastor Charles decided that the target audience for his ministry would be the young children of his town who he noticed lacked basic necessities and school supplies. He shares: "I bought some books, pencils, and some cakes...I distributed the books and pencils to the children within the village while welcoming them to our church. After some time, their parents started developing a love for our church and joined as members through their children." Parents were touched by the care that Pastor Charles’ church members extended toward their children and this attracted them to Pastor Charles’ church.

As a result of his ministry outreach event, Pastor Charles' church membership grew from three - to sixty-four members. He expresses his gratitude for THS: "Thanks for following what I am doing in the ministry; your prayers, training, and encouragement towards this noble work of the ministry is notable and is giving me energy to go on."

- THS. STUDENT Pastor Charles


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Impact in the East

A THS. student shares: "I feel blessed to be a part of THS. What I'm learning here, I'm putting into practice in my life. From this platform, I have learned that it is necessary to have an intimate relationship with our living God, by learning His words and spending time in prayer. 

I have also learned about spiritual leadership and how we can solve problems or conflicts in the church. I’ve shared this with my pastor and other church leaders. I have also learned about self-control, which is necessary as a spiritual leader. 

THS. impacted my community because of the new things I learned from Scripture through our professors. Most of the things I’ve learned are new to me. I’ve shared them with my community and these things are also new for them, and it has impacted them as well. I shared with my dad about spiritual calling from Professor Dan, and he shared with our church community how important spiritual calling is in the life of a believer. 

THS. is a blessing for me; I'm grateful to my God for this opportunity."


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Impact in Oregon:

“There are so many examples of the value Brendan's internship brings to our congregation. Number one is his presence. He is such a kind and Jesus-hearted servant. He brings life, energy, and a heart to worship God. And he literally is on his feet looking for opportunities to serve any person who walks through our doors. That's the kind of culture we want to build, and he's taken the vision and run with it. That's a load off my shoulders. I'm not the only one setting the example. He comes early and he stays late, and loves on people. 

But the thing that really stands out is the number of people Brendan is evangelizing to. The front row of our gatherings are full of young men that Brendan has invited to church. They are either super young in their faith - or not even quite sure of their faith - but there they are, week after week, drinking it all in. This is the future of our church - young adults, new converts!  And being in my 50's, I simply don't have this kind of connectivity, but Brendan, who's in his 20's, does. 

These young fellas, who knew Brendan in his BC days, are pretty impressed with what he's doing with his life today. They are curious about this Jesus thing, and Brendan, through his words, deeds, patience, and prayer is populating our church, and it's starting in the front row! Our entire congregation loves this young man - not just for what he does, but for who he is. And THS. has helped make this a reality. Their online delivery has allowed Brendan to stay plugged into the local church and receive hands-on training, while simultaneously receiving a rich education in the Bible and ministry.”

- Pastor Demetrius Rogers, Supervisor for THS. Student Brendan

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