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Who We Are

Foundational Relationships

 Our Founders.

The dream of our founders was to plant new churches that would win a young generation for Christ and equip future pioneers to fulfill the mission of God. Since its beginning, 56 pastors and ministry leaders have been trained in Germany by THS. Academy. Many of these have established new churches or begun work in Christian organizations. We believe that the time is right to extend THS. Academy to the Pacific Northwest and to train church planters and pastors in this area.

From our Campus Leader

Why Relationships Matter

The essence of the Trinity is relationship. The great theologian and author C.S. Lewis gently describes the Trinity as a divine “dance,” with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit continually communing with one another. In creation, we see entire ecosystems built on symbiotic relationships, from the smallest to the largest of creatures, each playing a role in maintaining the vitality of a region. In the Church, the healthiest communities are the ones with the strongest relationships. At THS., the foundation of who we are lies in the relationships that we have in three main areas:

Supervisor & Placement Church:

As part of your apprenticeship in your Placement Church, your Supervisor will offer you tangible feedback and insight from their expertise in the field. This person will become a trusted source of support and an advisor you can depend on in your journey.

Campus Leader:

Your THS Campus Leader will help you register for classes, give you access to books and materials, and keep you informed of important upcoming events and holidays. They're here to ensure that you are well-equipped in all your academic progress so that you will reach success.

Students & Instructors:

At THS, you'll learn from both seasoned pastors and academic professionals. Our intentionally small class sizes provide students with more access to Instructors and an ability to build genuine, authentic relationships with one another. You'll step into a diverse classroom representing many nationalities and languages, yet unified under the same mission.